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Calculation method for bearing capacity and rating life of turntable bearing/rotary bearings

Pub Time : 2018-08-30 15:26:12

The slewing bearing differs greatly from the ordinary bearing in the bearing mode. Ordinary bearings are mainly subjected to radial and axial forces, while turntable bearings are mainly subjected to axial forces and overturning torques. It is precisely because of this force characteristics, the current widely used rolling bearing rated dynamic, static load and life calculation method can not be applied to the design and selection of turntable bearings. Turntable bearings are also highly personalized products, in the internal dimensions of the design should take into account the size and direction of the load factors. However, due to the particularity of the load, accurate force analysis relies on manual calculation can not be completed, so that the design and selection of such bearings have a great blindness. For this reason, the calculation program of bearing capacity of turntable is developed, and the theoretical basis and calculation method based on the program are introduced.

Calculation of load distribution of rolling element

The solution of the load distribution of rolling element is the basis of the calculation of contact strength and the calculation of working life. According to the different calculation methods can be divided into the following two kinds of solutions.

1.1 Analytic Solution method

The analytic solution method assumes that the slewing bearing is only subjected to axial force and overturning moment, and that there is no relative radial displacement between the inner and outer rings. Although this simplification hypothesis can greatly reduce the computational difficulty and improve the speed of the solution, the load of rolling element obtained by analytic solution method is usually large because the static equilibrium condition of the ring along the radial is not satisfied. Because of the need to calculate dozens of kinds of load conditions when drawing the bearing curve of turntable bearing, analytic solution method can be used to improve the calculation speed.

1.2 Numerical Solution method

The law of numerical solution can be applied to all kinds of stress situations. Although the solution speed of the method is low, the calculation precision is high. Therefore, when the contact strength check and the working life calculation, the numerical solution method is used to obtain the higher calculation precision. The following is an example of a four-point contact ball bearing to introduce the numerical solution method. The four-point contact ball slewing Bearing has two sets of channels inside and outside the outer ring. The main axial force of the channel is called the main thrust channel, the other channel is called Auxiliary thrust Channel. The Groove Center distance of the main and auxiliary thrust channels is changed after bearing is loaded.

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