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Requirements for use of rolling bearings for machinery and equipment

Pub Time : 2018-09-05 16:56:44

Due to the compact structure, reliable work, size standardization, easy to use and maintenance, the rolling bearings are widely used in various mechanical equipment, mainly used as support components, supporting rotation

Shafts or other moving bodies and withstand loads is a very important component. The performance of the rolling bearing in the predetermined period of use has a direct effect on the use of the mechanical equipment, therefore,

The use of rolling bearings in a variety of machinery and equipment has stringent requirements and standards.

1. Assembly of rolling bearings

(1) Pre-assembly

Before assembling the rolling bearing, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning of the assembly surface, cleaning the iron, burr, dust and other foreign bodies in the rolling bearing, reducing the noise and vibration caused by rolling bearing, avoiding

No damage to the rolling element and raceways. If the rolling bearing surface is coated with antirust oil, it must be carefully cleaned with clean kerosene or petrol, and then applied with lubricating grease. Also check before assembling

The dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc. of the part surface in conjunction with the rolling bearing, apply a layer of lubricating oil to the surface of the rolling bearing and the part of the rolling bearing to facilitate assembly.

(2) Assembly

When assembled, the bearing is marked on one end outward, making it easy to check the model. A transition fit or a smaller interference fit can be assembled using a press-fit method, with a hammer, press or

The tool allows the rolling bearing to be assembled evenly to the mating surface, the pressure can only be applied to the ring of the interference fit, the pressure is not allowed to pass through the rolling element, and the force tool and rolling

SHAFT bearing ring between the material to cushion the soft sleeve, copper rods, etc., to avoid damage to the rolling bearings. When assembled with a temperature difference method, the rolling bearings are placed in mineral oil and the heating temperature

Degree of 80℃~100℃, heating time according to the size of the rolling bearing, generally 10min~30min.

2. Adjustment of the rolling bearing clearance

The clearance of a rolling bearing refers to the maximum amount of movement of the other ring along the radial or axial direction, with the radial clearance and axial clearance, in the case of one Ring fixation. When rolling bearing assembly

, the clearance can not be too large, nor too small. The clearance is too general to generate vibration, reduce the rotational accuracy, increase the rolling element load, the clearance is too small to increase friction, increase wear and tear, work production

Increase in heat will reduce the service life of rolling bearings, so the rolling bearing must be tightly controlled and adjusted during assembly. At high temperature, high speed, low noise, low friction, etc.

Under special conditions, the rolling bearings are selected with a large radial clearance, a precision spindle, a rolling bearing for a machine tool spindle, and a smaller radial clearance.

The clearance of the rolling bearings is adjustable, some are not adjustable, the rolling bearings with adjustable clearance are angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings and thrust roller shafts

Underwriting Rolling bearings with adjustable clearance must be adjusted to compensate for the increased clearance caused by wear after installation and during use.

There are many ways to adjust the axial clearance of rolling bearings, such as gasket adjustment method and screw gland adjustment method. Shim Adjustment method is the most commonly used adjustment method, as shown in Figure 1, the adjustment of the first

Without gasket, tighten the fixing screw of the side cover 1 2 until the shaft cannot be rotated, at which time the bearing clearance is zero, the distance between the side cover and the housing end face is measured k,k value plus the clearance size

is the thickness of the gasket should be added, side cover flange end face A, side cover end face B and gasket to ensure the accuracy of the rolling bearing clearance. Screw gland adjustment method as shown in Figure 2, through

Tighten the screw so that the gland is pressed to the outer ring of the rolling bearing until the shaft is not rotated, the rolling bearing clearance is zero, the screw is loosened according to the clearance size, then the locking nut, the rolling shaft

The accuracy of the bearing clearance depends on the accuracy of the threaded connection.

3. Lubrication of rolling bearings

Lubrication on the operation and service life of rolling bearings is very large, no normal lubrication, rolling bearings can not work, good lubrication can reduce friction and reduce wear, and scattered

Heat, sealing and many other functions.

Common lubricants for rolling bearings are lubricants and greases. Grease lubricated as far as possible, because grease lubrication seal structure is simple, grease

Not easy to lose, affected by the temperature is not small, add a grease can be used for a long time, and the grease does not need too much, too much will produce high temperature, filling the number of grease to charge

Full rolling bearing internal space 1/2~1/3 advisable, at high speed should be reduced to 1/3.

4. Maintenance of rolling bearings

Rolling bearing in the process of use due to itself and external conditions and other reasons, performance indicators will fall, leading to failure, generally have two kinds of performance: first, there is noise in operation, machinery and equipment

Operation allows the rolling bearing has a slight operating noise, if the noise is too large or abnormal noise, impact sound, it indicates that the rolling bearing fault. Causes of noise caused by rolling bearings

More complex, may be excessive clearance, foreign bodies, insufficient lubrication, metal surface peeling, and even rolling bearing crushing. Second, the temperature is too high, mechanical equipment to install rolling bearings

The site allows a certain temperature, touch the hand without feeling hot as normal, when the lubrication is not good, the clearance is too small, the inner and outer ring on the shaft or in the shell rotation will cause the rolling bearing temperature

High. This requires the strengthening of inspection and maintenance, fixed-person, timed, fixed machine inspection machinery and equipment, according to the inspection records for preventive and improved maintenance. Planned maintenance work will also be postponed.

Long rolling bearing service life, so as to avoid the cause of rolling bearings to affect the use of mechanical equipment.

All machinery and equipment using rolling bearings must be strictly in accordance with the standards and requirements of the correct installation of rolling bearings, carefully adjust the clearance, reasonable lubrication, scientific maintenance, to ensure that rolling

The bearing performance index is normal, avoid premature failure or damage, affect the use of mechanical equipment.

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