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Standard for inspection of finished bearings

Pub Time : 2018-10-05 22:06:51

At present, China's industrial level has obviously improved. Improving the automation of bearing production and inspection of finished products is the main function of the whole mechanical system. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out operation inspection for finished bearings.

1 main inspection items for bearing products

1.1 dimensional accuracy of bearing products. The dimension accuracy of the bearing is one of the main items of the finished product inspection. The maximum closed contour and the minimum circumscribed circle are obtained. Finally, the center and diameter of the circumscribed circle are obtained. The dimension accuracy of the inner and outer ring of the bearing product will not only affect the radial clearance of the bearing, but also affect the performance of the main engine and even seriously affect the working life of the bearing.

1.2 the accuracy of the rotation of the bearing finished product. The rotational accuracy of bearings is a major item in the inspection of bearing products. When installing the bearing products, the radial circle beating of the connection between the bearing and the mounting parts can be counteracted, so that the installation accuracy of the component can be greatly improved. Therefore, the rotation accuracy of bearings is very high. At the same time, the boring accuracy of precision coordinate boring machine, the precision of grinding wheel shaft of precision grinding machine, and the quality of cold rolled steel strip are all closely related to the rotation accuracy of bearings.

1.3 radial clearance of bearing products. The radial clearance of bearings is the main index for the inspection of bearing products. Because of the different uses of bearings, the clearance used is also very different. Therefore, in the modern industrial production process, the radial clearance of bearing products is widely used in quality control standards, product inspection and product monitoring. It can be seen that the clearance size inspection is an important item in the inspection of bearing products.

1.4 the rotational flexibility and vibration noise of the bearing products. Because bearing is subjected to compressive stress in work, the requirement for bearing finished products has high and even hardness characteristics, high elastic limit and high compressive strength. Therefore, in the course of rotation, a benign bearing should be brisk without any blockage. In order to effectively control the vibration and noise of bearings, appropriate measures should be taken to deal with the vibration and noise generated by improper installation of bearings.

1.5 residual magnetic strength of bearing products. The residual magnetic strength of bearing is also one of the inspection items of bearing products, because the residual magnetic phenomenon of bearing will occur during operation. This is because there is no correlation between the two electromagnet cores, so the action should be independent. At the same time, the core of the electromagnetic coil is regarded as a mechanical part, while the coil is not.

1.6 surface quality of bearing finished products. The surface quality of bearings is also one of the inspection items for bearing products. The quality of bearings, including the roughness of finished products, various cracks, mechanical injuries and quality, should be inspected accordingly. For the unqualified bearing, it is necessary to go back to the factory for further processing, but not to use it. Once used, it will cause a lot of mechanical damage to the equipment.

1.7 hardness of bearing finished products. The hardness of bearing is a main quality index of bearing. Because the steel ball rotates in the globular groove, it has a certain function of aligning at the same time, and it can not be used for bearings whose hardness is not up to standard.

2 inspection methods for bearing products

2.1 traditional methods. The traditional method of bearing product inspection is to use manual method to test, through some workers who have worked, touch with their hands and listen to the ear to roughly judge the internal bearing of mechanical equipment. However, in today's rapid development of industrial manufacturing, there are many drawbacks in using traditional methods. At the same time, manual labor can not effectively eliminate failures. Therefore, this method is rarely applied nowadays.

2.2 temperature test. The temperature test method of bearings is a temperature sensitive equipment. If we want to correctly evaluate the bearing life and correctly judge its faults, the temperature test of bearings will be very sensitive to the changes of bearing load, speed and lubrication. The bearings are mostly used in the rotating parts of mechanical equipment, mainly from loading, fixing and moistening. The effect of sliding. Therefore, temperature test is one of the commonly used methods.

2.3 acoustic emission test. Bearing will appear fatigue failure after working for a long time. Fatigue failure is manifested by pits on the bearing contact surface. Acoustic emission testing is to collect the signals to judge the finished products. Because this method has many advantages, the acoustic emission signal has short response time and can quickly reflect faults. It can display and locate fault points in real time. Therefore, acoustic emission technology has been widely used in bearing inspection.

2.4 pressure wave test. The pressure wave test of bearing is an important method to detect early failure of bearing product inspection. In the process of operation, bearing, because of its bearing raceway, cage and other parts in the friction process, by receiving the fluctuation signal, analyzing and judging these information, to check the bearing has become a commonly used test method.

2.5 vibration diagnosis technology. In the work, periodic pulse signal is the key to the vibration diagnosis technology of bearing. The fracture of the bearing is mainly due to the hidden causes of poor processing. In the high-intensity use, the defect area is cracked or even broken, and the bearing is disintegrated. The fault of bearing finished product can be judged by receiving and analyzing the signal. This method is very simple to check the installation of equipment, and is also one of the commonly used methods for the inspection of bearing products.

3 optimize the inspection method for bearing products.

3.1 in terms of quality inspection items. Because there are many kinds of bearings, their uses are also different.

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