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Installation method of oil Seal

Pub Time : 2018-10-11 16:32:16

In the daily maintenance process, many maintenance personnel because do not understand the correct installation method of oil seal, in the process of installation error occurred in the operation, resulting in the installation of oil seals, but not the role of sealing, in view of these circumstances we from the oil seal before the installation of the preparation and oil seal installation process needs attention to the assembly process.

Preparation of oil seal before installation

Check oil seal before installation, oil seal is clean and intact, please do not use oil seal which is attached with sand, dust and other foreign objects, which will cause leakage.

The sealing lip end of the oil seal towards the side of the sealing medium, avoid reverse assembly. One-way reflow line Oil seal installation must be marked on the oil seal on the direction of the arrow and the axis of rotation of the same direction, do not install the reverse.

Oil seal installation, the external surface should be coated with the appropriate lubricant, the lip should be coated with a suitable cleaning grease, with a dustproof lip oil seal, should fill the main lip between the appropriate cleaning grease, and then assembly.

The base plane of the identified oil seal installation positioning should be machined surface, the non-machined datum can not be used.

Oil seal lip through the thread, keyway, spline and other places should take various measures to prevent lip damage. Thread, keyway, spline and other protection material roughness Ramax not more than 3.2um, do not allow scratches and scratches.

Oil SEAL Installation

The correct force mode, avoid the oil seal deformation, in the absence of presses or the use of presses, should choose a suitable baffle as a fixture, uniform pressure, do not hammer directly, resulting in oil seal deformation.

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